FLuid Optimisation in Emergency LAparotomy Trial

FLO-ELA is the FLuid Optimisation in Emergency LAparotomy trial. It is a large pragmatic clinical trial which aims to find out whether cardiac-output guided haemodynamic therapy given to patients during and shortly after emergency bowel surgery could save lives, when compared with usual care. The trial is being run in 100 UK hospitals and will study nearly 8000 patients.

This project is funded by the National Institute for Health Research Health Technology Assessment programme (project number 15/80/54).


Due to COVID-19, the trial is temporarily paused to recruitment at all sites.

The randomisation system has been frozen since Monday 23rd March at 09:00.

We are making plans to restart recruitment soon which will include a change of randomisation system to a new one at sealedenvelope.com. We will be in touch with further details once this system is live and ready to use.

We look forward to working with you all again soon.

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